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Hip Hop News: “Elevate” an intro into what AL99 has in store for 2024.



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Four powerful hip hop songs of different vibes and lyrical concepts which creates an EP that is great for any hip hop fan to get into. The main track of focus ”Pop”, is a Trap club banger that has bars & energy with a call and response that will have the listener excited every time it comes on.

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    Why 3:08
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    Pop 3:25
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    Hill 3:25
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    Ashes 3:05
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Latest News

AL99 and TPC Music Production now offer a variety of new services including mixing, mastering, mixing & mastering, and EPK design and building! Join the mailing list to receive pricing information.

Black Ink Brooklyn, Black Ink Entertainment & Dope Music Monopoly presents: “Night at the Ink” :  “AL99 stunned with both rap and a pop love ballad with guitar accompaniment” - Photobombshell Media, April 1, 2024.

AL99 Baltimore Voyager interview “Rising Star: Meet AL99”, Feb. 19, 2024 out now.

AL99's interview with The Stardom101 Magazine Podcast, January 2024.

Radio Promo - 105.1 fm nyc

In November 2023 AL99 won 2nd Place at “The IV League Showcase” tour held in Brooklyn, New York, curated by DotEventsNYC and RespectDaGrind. The prize was a radio promo placement on POWER 105.1 FM, DJ Melod! “War in Music” from AL99's 2022 project “Tomorrow Land” was chosen. Having garnered more than 69K  streams on all streaming platforms combined.